Mi P47 Wireless Headphone

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  • BENEFITS OF WIRELESS HEADPHONES:- Wireless Headphones are freedom at their best. It gives you the ability to be cord-free and hands-free which gives you the ultimate mobility! Wireless means no more cables which in turn is no more worrisome! Whether you are listening to music while working out of the house, doing housework, walking on the road or trekking, wireless headphones get the job done easily.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS:- P47 Bluetooth Headphone Stratchable & Foldable With Mic, FM, Aux, SD Card Slot & Calling Control. There are 5 types of buttons in headphones ""Calling"", ""FM/MP3"", ""Volume (-)"", ""Volume (+)"", ""Power"". Continually work on a single charge! Stylish, lightweight, comfortable, they fit for sports or just hanging out all kinds! AUX - a standard 3.5 mm jack for a wired connection.
  • P47 HIGH-QUALITY AUDIO:- Wireless headphones provide high-quality audio with excellent bass and treble. The crystal clear stereo sounds of headphones make it an enjoyable experience for the users. High-quality noise-canceling wireless headphones enchant you with wonderful sound, everywhere. On the move and you get a call? You donít need to put an effort to pick up your smartphone! Just connect on the call with just a click button.
  • MULTIPLE ANGLE FOLD:- Wireless headphones are one of the best ways to listen to your music on the go. Whether you are heading to the gym, or relaxing poolside on a sunny day the right pair of earphones will stay for long and bring you quality sound. Each type is suited to different listening environments and provides different levels of comfort. Some People Buy Different types for different uses- say, one for the gym, running or jogging and another for listening to music when traveling.
  • NOTE:- Charging cable is included. Charge the headphones with a charging cable for half an hour - 1 hour when you receive the delivery of your headphones. Aux cable can be used when you don't want to use battery backup of headphones. Please note: Aux cable color may vary.

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